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The Power Of L-Glutamine: Everything You Need To Know About This Amazing Substance!

The Power Of L-Glutamine: Everything You Need To Know About This Amazing Substance!

L-glutamine is a miraculous substance that your body produces itself, but is also available in everyday foods. It is also a popular supplement due to the many health benefits that the amino acid brings. But what exactly is L-glutamine and what health benefits does this substance entail? Superfoodguru got curious and checked it out for you.


Simply put, L-glutamine is an amino acid. An amino acid is a building block of proteins, and these proteins are indispensable for your body. L-glutamine mainly plays a role in neural functions and intestinal functions, but the substance also plays a role in keeping our immune system healthy. Did you know that your body produces L-glutamine itself? So you don't have to do anything for this yourself. However, there are times when your body could use some extra L-glutamine. The most important moment is during or after exercise. L-glutamine has potential benefits for both strength training and endurance training. But L-glutamine also plays a major role in the recovery from a serious illness.


As soon as you start looking for foods that contain a lot of L-glutamine, you quickly notice that the dietary sources of L-glutamine are extremely diverse. This means that there is a wide availability of L-glutamine food sources. Think of animal and protein-rich products such as eggs, milk, quark and beef, but also vegetable sources such as legumes, rice, corn and beets. The choice is huge. With our Strawberry Fields Forever juice you get that extra bit of L-glutamine.


L-glutamine therefore has a lot of benefits. We have listed a number of advantages for you.

Weight loss

Muscle tissue burns more than fat tissue and increases your metabolism. Amino acids also provide a feeling of satiety because digestion is slowed down. Your brain receives a signal that you are full, so you eat less. This way the chance of weight gain is smaller and you can lose weight faster.

Fast recovery after exercise

L-glutamine reduces muscle soreness and promotes recovery time. This amino acid helps regulate the absorption of glucose (energy) by the muscles after exercise. The result? Your energy reserves for your next workout are restored faster. You perform better and are less exhausted.

Boost your immunity

Intense exercise can be bad for your immune system. L-glutamine supports the immune system and gives a real boost. It is therefore not surprising that L-glutamine is often used to help seriously ill patients in hospitals. It has a protective effect on the cells and therefore on our immune system.


Our Feel The Beet cold pressed juice is a delicious juice full of beetroot and orange. Did you know that beets are a source of L-glutamine? Drink the Feel The Beet juice before or after exercise and experience the benefits of the high nitrate content in the beet juice. This improves your sports performance and endurance. Are you looking for an extra boost of L-glutamine? Then order our Feel The Beet juice now.

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