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Burst Training: Boost Your Fitness With Tempo Change

Burst Training: Boost Your Fitness With Tempo Change

You want to be in shape, but don't want to spend hours at the gym? Then there is a nice solution, namely burst training . Here you make short intervals, in which you exercise intensively. This type of exercise is also called HIIT which is an abbreviation for High Intensity Interval Training. As a result, you could achieve the same in a shorter time as with a training that lasts a long time and is less intensive. But watch out! A HIIT workout may be shorter than a normal workout, but it pushes you to the limit.


A burst training means that you do intensive intervals with short periods of rest in between. In addition, you can easily increase your training without having to exercise longer. You simply make the intervals longer and the rests shorter.

Why is interval training good for your body?

Just like regular training, HIIT is also good for your health . This improves your memory because new nerve cells are created. Interval training also helps you to become more stress-resistant, you have less chance of inflammation and reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease. In addition, your growth hormone is stimulated by the power explosions of your body. This helps you lose fat and build muscle.


The HIIT method allows you to quickly improve your condition with half an hour workouts. Your heart, lungs and muscles have to go to the extreme. As a result, you benefit from the afterburn effect. This means that your body needs more time to recover due to the intensive training and therefore continues to burn fat for longer. In addition to physical benefits, a HIIT workout also has mental benefits . Because it is varied. You don't have to perform a movement continuously, but you keep changing pace, which makes fitness a lot more exciting, for example.

What kind of sports can you do with HIIT?

You can perform a HIIT training for both cardio sports and strength training . Maybe you like to run? Then you can alternate jogging with sprinting. Or do you have an exercise bike at home? Then alternate your cycling pace with pedaling slowly and fully in the pedals. Do you prefer strength training with weights? For example, train at full power for one minute and then rest for one minute, and so on.

Keep this in mind when you get started with HIIT

To be able to do a HIIT workout successfully, you must already be in reasonable shape . Otherwise you can get injured, because your muscles, tendons and joints have to endure a lot during the intensive intervals. Your heart and blood vessels also have to work very hard. So is your fitness not up to par yet? Then first work on your basic condition in a calm way.


It is also advisable to ensure a healthy diet, so that your body receives all the necessary substances to be able to exercise properly. So supplement your daily dose of vitamins and minerals with a fresh juice from Superfoodguru !

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