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Boost Your Home Workouts: The 3 Must Have Fitness Apps Of 2023

Boost Your Home Workouts: The 3 Must Have Fitness Apps Of 2023

Do you ever wonder how to plan a good workout routine in your busy schedule? Then you are certainly not alone. Fortunately, the fitness apps of 2023 make it a lot easier. Instead of a gym membership, it is now easier than ever to get a good and effective workout from home. Superfoodguru has listed the 4 best home workouts for you to get you fit in no time.


The Nike Training Club app offers a wide variety of home workouts, and it's completely free. You can easily find lessons based on criteria such as type of exercise, duration and equipment required. In addition, the app has programs that encourage you to continuously build on previous workouts. This way you achieve a specific goal in a motivated way. The programs that help you achieve your goals are led by trusted trainers, and you'll even find recipes and expert tips to keep you motivated. We are fans and think this might be the best work-out app!


Strava is perfect for trail runners and also one of the best workout apps in our opinion. With the app you can easily keep track of your workouts and share your activities with friends and family. While running, the app not only tracks your route, but also measures the pace, distance and height differences. Strava tracks runs, walks, hikes, bike rides, and even swimming. The app can be perfectly combined with other devices such as the Apple Watch, to keep track of all your workouts down to the last detail. The app with the basic functions is completely free, but you can also opt for a membership that offers many extras.


Another fitness app we love: Seven. The name says it all: you do a daily workout of just seven minutes. Because the app offers many workouts, your home workout will never be boring and you always train your body in a varied way. You feel your goals yourself, so that the app chooses the training sessions that go with it. You choose a personal trainer in the app and only need your phone. Effective, easy and fast. Get fit within seven minutes a day, who wouldn't want that?

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