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Control Your Blood Sugar With These Tips

Hou Je Bloedsuikerspiegel Onder Controle Met Deze Tips
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Control Your Blood Sugar With These Tips

A stable blood sugar level is necessary to feel good and stay healthy. The level of your blood sugar largely depends on your diet. But there are also a few other ways to keep your blood sugar from rising too quickly.


Blood sugar doesn't sound very healthy, but this substance is essential for your energy. Every time you eat, your body converts carbohydrates into glucose, or blood sugar. To keep your blood sugar level up, it is therefore important to pay attention to your diet.

There are fast and slow carbohydrates. The fast variant is, for example, in products made from white flour. Slow carbohydrates can be found in whole grain products. So to keep your glucose level stable, it is better to take, for example, whole wheat spaghetti instead of the regular variant. Or opt for a slice of wholemeal bread instead of a white roll.

Vinegar as an aid for healthy blood sugar levels

It may not sound good, but one or two tablespoons of vinegar before a meal will help control your glucose levels. Acetic acid slows down digestion, among other things. It also inhibits the enzymes that break down starch and sugar.

However, the sour stuff has even more tricks to ensure that glucose enters your blood less quickly. So are you going to eat a nice pizza or is there a steaming stew in front of you? First take a dash of vinegar.

By the way, you can choose all kinds of vinegar and you don't have to drink it pure. For example, dilute a little apple cider vinegar with water or sprinkle wine vinegar over your salad or vegetables. Eat these before you start the carbohydrates.


Save the carbs for last when you eat. Choose the vegetables and proteins first and only then take the pasta, rice or potatoes. Various studies have shown that this sequence has a beneficial effect on the absorption of glucose in the blood.


If you like the spicy and sweet taste of cinnamon, you're in luck. A teaspoon of this spice per day could help you with a more stable glucose level. So put a pinch on the oatmeal porridge or use it in a stew at night. Not only do you benefit from it for your blood sugar level, but you also make your breakfast or dinner tastier.


When you go on a detox, it becomes a bit more difficult to follow all these tips. However, you can keep your glucose levels stable by choosing low-fruit juices. In our shop you will find different types, such as theSlim Fit Fusion and the Veggie Cappuccino . Or go for 100 percent vegetables and choose Sunrise To Moonshine . These juices are also a great choice as a tasty and healthy snack!

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