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Better Sleep? How To Get Your Sleep Schedule Back In Order

Better Sleep? How To Get Your Sleep Schedule Back In Order

Everyone knows (and feels) that a good night's sleep can make or break your day. An undisturbed sleep often means a pleasant and productive day, while a bad night's sleep leads to irritation and an unproductive day. Why is sleep so important and why is it sometimes not possible? And more importantly: how do you solve your sleeping problem? Read more about how we can improve our sleep schedule together, because we at Superfoodguru can also use a good night's sleep.


On average, you spend a third of your life sleeping. While sleeping, the body recovers from mental and physical stress incurred during the day. After a good night's sleep you are more resistant to stress situations, you have a better metabolism and you can concentrate optimally during your studies or work. So it is important to pay attention to a good sleep schedule.


Try to go to sleep and get up around the same time every day

It's not for nothing that your parents raised you with the three R's: rest, cleanliness and regularity. Regularity in your sleep schedule is very important. Try to keep the time you go to bed and the time you get up no more than an hour apart each day. If you go to sleep at the same time every day, your body will get used to that rhythm . Your body starts the production of sleep hormones early, so that you end up in a deep sleep faster.

Find the daylight

Daylight plays an important role in your biological rhythm. One of the best ways to get your biological rhythm back in order is to immediately look for daylight in the morning. A good reason for a morning walk with a cold pressed juice from Superfoodguru in hand. Also make sure to step outside during lunch to enjoy the daylight.

Avoid caffeine and alcohol before bed

You may think that a glass of red wine before bed is a good idea. Unfortunately that is a myth. Although the wine can make you sleepy, it is not good for your body. Your body becomes restless and needs more time to recover. The same goes for coffee. Try to avoid coffee at least 6 hours before bed. It is therefore better to opt for a nice chamomile tea .

Take vitamins and eat enough fruit and vegetables

Eating enough fruit and vegetables is important for a good sleep schedule. At Superfoodguru we understand this all too well and you can go for delicious cold pressed juices without additives, and give your health and sleep schedule a boost. Order them here! And did you know that magnesium is essential for good sleep? In this blog we tell you why.

Start with a detox

Have you already tried a lot, but nothing helps? Then try a detox to cleanse your body and as a kickstart for good sleeping habits. A detox is a juice cleanse that replaces all your meals. Superfoodguru's fresh juice cures reset your body and provide a fresh start. Check out this page for various detox cures, ranging from half a day to a week.

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