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Time To Reset? The 5 Best Pedometers & A 3 Day Reset Plan

A reset, according to most dictionaries, is a "restart from the starting point". Going back to the starting point may be a bit rigorous for a person, but the right reset plan can give your body a huge boost . And resetting every now and then really has health benefits. During your reset, count your steps with one of the many pedometers to keep it fun for yourself!


Superfoodguru's 3-day juice fast is a powerful tool to gently reset your body. Just a little rest in body and limbs, through juices full of superfoods, vitamins and minerals. Your body continues to receive plenty of beneficial nutrients that support and promote the detoxification process. If you combine the detox cure with pleasant activities, preferably in the open air, you will achieve the most optimal reset that you can schedule for yourself.


Running a marathon or exercising intensively while you are detoxing is not recommended. A long walk, on the other hand, is a good idea. Nice walk in the open air and with a firm step. So step by step. This clears your head and gets your blood pumping well. 10,000 steps a day is the measure, but how are you going to keep track of that? Counting every step and adding it up at the end of the day is impossible. And how accurate are those pedometers?

To relieve your counting abilities, we have listed the 5 best pedometers for you. They all feature an accurate pedometer, they track your sleep cycle (if you choose to keep it on at night), they measure your heart rate and can be paired to an App via Bluetooth. This gives you even more useful features at your disposal. Although the underlying differences are often minimal, in the list below we still name some specific benefits of the 5 best step and calorie counters.

1. Fitbit Charge 3

This step champion has many useful features, but what might be good to know is that it only needs to be charged once a week. So no step has to go unregistered!

2.Huawei Band 3 Pro

This calorie counter measures, among other things, your VO2 max. The VO2 max number says something about your condition and depends, among other things, on age, gender and weight. The higher the number, the better your fitness. Set your goal and work towards a better condition!

3.Garmin Vivosmart

A real tracker of all your activities, including climbing stairs. And this smart tracker stimulates you to great heights!

4. Samsung Galaxy Fit e

This watch automatically detects activities and records them accurately.

5. Xiaomi Mi Band 4

With the clear colored screen of this band you get even clearer insight into your sporting activities. Although wearing a step and/or calorie counter is not absolutely necessary to reset properly, it does provide insight into the physical activities you undertake on a daily basis. This encourages you to move and before you know it you're deliberately taking a detour, just because you want to get to your 10,000 steps.

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