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In addition to a sensible diet, of course with vegetable products and healthy snacks, sufficient exercise is also part of a good diet lifestyle . And by good, we mean good for you, of course mind , good for you body and good for your environment. You can get enough exercise by cycling or walking more often.

Another way to get your recommended daily activities is to do workouts at home. Just in your living room using an online workout on your tablet or interactive television. That suddenly gives a completely different view of the term “home in front of the tube”.

We have looked up and listed the five best online workouts for you. It's not just YouTube videos with workouts, although you can certainly find them through Google. The online workouts we list below go beyond instructional videos. They have one philosophy , community , challenges , lifestyle tips and much more information. So plan a night off, put a bowl of healthy snacks next to your laptop and look at them one by one (while nibbling).

Rebecca Louise

On her own YouTube channel you can find many short home workouts. Rebecca Louise efficiently tackles all "zones" with exercises that are really easy to do. Moreover, she keeps you motivated during the workout in a way that is funny and down to earth . In addition, Rebecca offers you a handy monthly calendar with varying workouts for every day. By the way, the workouts last max. 40 minutes so you could even do them before your working day tackle .

Tracy Anderson

This celebrity trainer has developed her own fitness method and is now known worldwide as a coach of the rich and famous . Although there are no Tracy Anderson fitness studios in the Netherlands (yet), we can benefit from her training method through her workout videos and online studio. The TA method is characterized by short, intensive training sessions with slightly different exercises than usual fitness workouts.


Are you someone who gets motivated to go to the couch with a plate of healthy snacks watching instructional videos full of killer bodies? Do not panic, Aaptiv has the ideal solution for you! Choose the workout you want to do and the voices from Aaptiv help you through your training. These online training sessions are completely based on sound ( audio-based ). No difficult positions to keep following the exercises, but just look at infinity and let yourself be stimulated by the instructions and encouragement that echo through your earplugs.


If you are more of the mindful approach, you may have a good click with Alomoves . Don't be alarmed by the complicated looking poses. The platform offers enough exercises for everyone from beginner to advanced and also different intensities. So you can build yourself up, literally, quietly.


Barre3 is a full-body workout based on micro movements combined with cardio. The exercises start slowly and small and go to the final goal in three steps. Several variations are given for each exercise so that there is always a performance that you feel comfortable with.

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