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5 Best Calorie Counter Apps

5 beste calorieënteller Apps - superfoodguru

Calorie counter Apps are useful tools to keep track of how much you eat. And of course it's about what you eat and not just about the number of calories. But facts are facts… If you take in more calories than your body uses, you will gain weight and if you use more calories than you put in, you will lose weight. Besides, calories are calories, whether they come from chocolate bars or from ginger shots and energy balls . That's why it's so important that you don't focus on calories alone, because the calories from our shots , juices and balls are at least accompanied by super ingredients that are healthy for you.

If you want to gain weight or lose weight in a healthy way, you will be most helped by calorie counter apps that give you more information than just the number of kilocalories (kcal). After all, not only the energy values ​​(the calories) but precisely the nutritional values ​​are important. We give you a list of the five best Apps that not only count the number of calories for you, but also inform you about the nutritional value.

The most convenient calorie counters

  1. Lifesum User-friendly and can be linked to various fitness Apps. So set your own goals and monitor whether you are still on track . Another handy feature of Lifesum is that your nutritional values ​​can be easily checked via a barcode scanner.
  2. MyFitnessPal A simple and complete calories App that also lets you communicate with friends. Motivate each other to achieve the set health goals using MyFitnessPal !
  3. Loseit Lose It may be an English-language calorie App, but this does not prevent it from recognizing your Dutch messages. He may not immediately recognize the Haagse Hopjes (about 67 Kcal) or the Bossche Bol (about 630 Kcal), but the most common products are no problem at all.
  4. Fatsecret The Fatsecret App proves that your fat doesn't have to be a secret . You can easily share your food and progress via this calorie tool via a kind of Instagram feed. Handy if you want to share your successes and struggles with the rest of the world.
  5. My eating meter My eating meter is the calories App of the Nutrition Center and therefore always fully up to date and provided with the official nutritional values ​​as manufacturers must communicate them (legally).

Supplement calorie counters with ginger shots, energy balls and juices

It can always happen that your favorite food is not listed in a calorie counter app by default. If you have food that you eat regularly, it is smart to add it to your favorite app. On our website you will find the amounts of calories (Kcal), fats, carbohydrates and proteins for our products. For example, our Burning Rescue Shot 50 contains 30.8 Kcal - 0.2 fat - 6.6 carbohydrates and 0.5 protein per bottle (60 ml). And the Blue Protection Shot 51 has 26.7 Kcal - 0.1 fat - 6.3 carbohydrates and 0.3 proteins. Do you add the ginger shots to your app?

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