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5 Beauty Tips During Your 7 Day Detox Cure

There are times in your life when you feel that you are ready for an internal clean-up or a detox cure. And although this feeling can be triggered by a period of both mental and physical (over) strain, one thing is certain: a 7-day detox cure will clean you inside and therefore also outside. Because your body gets rid of waste during the juice fast , you can feel less energetic during a 3-day , 5-day or 7-day detox cure. To keep feeling beautiful and energetic, we have collected 5 beauty tips for your 7-day detox cure, and listed them for you:

1. 30 min workout, during your detox cure

Although intensive exercise is not recommended during a detox cure, a short workout of half an hour will give you extra energy and help to maintain the internal processes in your body. Get the juices flowing ! Both the supply of oxygen-rich blood and the removal of toxic substances are stimulated if you occasionally let your heart rate exceed 140 beats per minute, even during the detox.

2. Good night's sleep, all year beauty tips

While sleeping, both your body and mind recover. A good night's sleep is therefore always important. Yet this is extra important in a detox because it is precisely during these hours of total relaxation that your body can fully focus on detoxing. Go to bed early.

3. Drink enough fluids, juices and water

To enable your body to get rid of all waste faster and better, you will have to take in a lot of fluids. Drinking at least two liters of water a day helps enormously with this. Of course you supplement this fluid intake with the nutritious and delicious juices from your detox package.

4. 10,000 steps a day, in the outdoor detox

In addition to your 30-minute workout, being outdoors is incredibly good for your body. By walking or jogging 10,000 steps (about 7 km) outside every day, you give both your body and your mind a huge boost . For example, go for a walk in the dunes, along the fields or in a forest. Enjoy the wind in your hair and fresh air in your lungs.

5. Relax & Reset, the all-time beauty tip

During a period of detoxing you can be extra kind to yourself. Take a relaxing bath or warm shower and brush your skin for better circulation and a beautiful glow. Give yourself a purifying face mask and use a scented essential oil diffuser in your home. All-time beauty tips or just because you have time to spare (after all, you don't have to make breakfast, lunch or dinner for yourself).

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