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There are several reasons why you should not eat or use animal products. One of these may be that you want to contribute to better animal welfare, while another reason may be that you pursue a healthier lifestyle to become even more of a beauty . Maybe you even want to lose a few pounds? With a plant-based diet you can easily lose weight if you are a little careful with what you eat. Because even with a vegan diet you don't automatically lose weight, you have to do something for that too. We have 5 tips for you…

Tip 1: As a beauty you avoid processed foods

While it is always better to choose unprocessed foods, this is even more true if you want to lose weight. Processed plant-based snacks in particular are often full of wrong fats, sugars and other flavor enhancers that you basically do not need. In fact, you will feel much better and healthier if you cut these snacks (think vegan chips or vegan sweets) from your diet.

Tip 2: Eat plant-based protein

By ensuring that your meals contain a lot of vegetable protein, you will feel satisfied faster. Besides the fact that protein is good for your body and an important building block for your muscles, you are less hungry after a protein-rich meal. Can't you "cram" enough protein into every meal? Complement the meal with our Die Hard Green 11 or Blue Protection Shot 51 . Then you can be sure that you will meet your daily protein quota. Even if you're a bit low in energy and you're hungry for a nutritious snack, take our energy balls . A ball of valuable protein based on vegetable proteins.

Tip 3: Make one for every meal beauty of a salad

Eat a salad before your meal or pimp your salad so that you have a full meal on your plate. This way you ensure yourself every day that you get enough vitamins, minerals and other nutrients that you need. There are many healthy, low-cal ingredients you can add to a salad. So you really don't have to just nibble on a salad blah, ehhh… lettuce leaf.

Tip 4: On a plant-based diet? Spice it up!

Use ginger, turmeric or other spices and fresh herbs in your meals. This not only makes your meals tastier and healthier, spices also have other benefits for your body. And especially when you want to lose weight. For example, ginger is not only a boost for your immune system, it also ensures that your digestion goes up a notch. Handy if you want to lose weight, right? And if you don't have the energy to grate or cut a ginger root, you can always open a bottle of Ginger Girl 08 . All the benefits of ginger, ready to use, at your disposal.

Tip 5: Try Meal Prepping

Batch cooking or Meal Prepping is in fact nothing more or less than cooking with foresight. In other words, you prepare several low-cal ingredients in advance for different low-cal meals. It takes a bit of planning but it's totally worth it. Especially if you choose to use (a number of) ingredients for, for example, a delicious lunch salad in your Mason Jar .

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