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Recipe: Acai Bowl With Late Summer Fruit

Recipe: Acai Bowl With Late Summer Fruit

Are you looking for a healthy breakfast with delicious late summer fruit? Then try an acai bowl. This starter for your day is packed with vitamin-rich fruits. Besides acai, this dish also contains bananas and blueberries. And if that's not enough, the rich and tasty topping also consists of nutritious ingredients.

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What should you get for an acai bowl with late summer fruit?

The list of ingredients for this bowl is very varied and seems long. But remember that you only need a little of one part, because that's for the topping. So grab a pen and paper or your smartphone and write down:

  • 2 x 100 grams of frozen acai berries

  • 1 frozen banana

  • half a cup of frozen blueberries

  • one to one and a half cups of plant-based milk (the exact amount depends on how firm you want the bowl to be)

For the topping

  • passion fruit
  • blueberries

  • strawberries

  • vegan granola

  • coconut

  • banana chips

  • Chia seeds

This is how you easily make a bowl of acai berries

Have you got the ingredients? Then you have made the bowl like this. You proceed as follows:

  • Grab your blender

  • Add the frozen acai berries, frozen banana and frozen blueberries

  • Add the vegetable milk

  • And blend!

Is everything well mixed and do you have a nice homogeneous mass? Or do you want to add a little vegetable milk because you think the bowl is too thick? Once you're happy with the base, you can pour the acai mixture into a bowl.

And now comes the fun part, because you can start with the topping. Have fun and garnish your bowl with the fruits, seeds, coconut and vegan granola. The result will be a colorful spectacle that is ideal to start your day. In addition, the taste is sweet and creamy.

By the way, you can vary a lot with this recipe. Take nuts for the topping, for example. Or add fresh mint to the bowl.

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