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5 Natural Tips Against A Hangover

5 Natural Tips Against A Hangover

It's the weekend, you're going out for a night, have a birthday or another party. Most party lovers prefer to enjoy these moments together with a delicious cocktail or a good glass of wine in hand. Not to think about the next morning: the dreaded hangover. Don't worry, because Superfoodguru has listed 5 natural tips against a hangover. Want to know how we beat our hangover naturally? Discover our tips here.


Our number one hangover cure is… Ginger. If you've looked a little too deep into the glass, you'll almost always feel sick the next day. Ginger is an effective way to relieve nausea. Because ginger helps to improve the absorption of nutrients, it also reduces bloating. In addition, ginger contains an important substance, namely gingerol. Gingerol neutralizes free radicals, and ginger's antioxidants reduce oxidative stress. A cup of ginger tea in the morning is therefore an excellent idea and a good tip against your hangover. Or how about us Burningman , Ginger Girl or Burning Rescue ? Also perfect against your hangover.


Did you know that chamomile used to be worshiped by Egyptians for its extensive healing properties? That is not without reason. The herbal remedy has a slightly anti-inflammatory and antiseptic effect. In addition, chamomile also has a slightly relaxing effect on the stomach and intestines. You may recognize these complaints after a night of heavy drinking. Not to mention the headache a few too many drinks bring the next morning. In addition to helping quiet indigestion, this wonder drug also helps with headaches. Just what you need for a hangover cure.

Hangxiety - the combination of hangover and anxiety

Hanxiety is the mental hangover that overwhelms you with anxiety and excessive worry. Are you bothered by this well-known term? Then chamomile is also the panacea for this. Chamomile relaxes both body and mind, so that you transcend hanxiety.


You probably know it, during an evening of drinking wine, you soon notice that you have to pee a lot and lose excessive moisture. You will notice this the next day especially in the fatigue, headache and unquenchable thirst. A good first step is to drink plenty of water. But to support your body even more, getting chlorophyll is a plus. That is why our Die Hard Green Juice is the tip against a hangover.

That Hard Green Juice

Superfoodguru has the perfect juice for this. The ginger and spirulina in our Die Hard Green juice are the perfect hangover cure. These ingredients make you feel fit again in a natural way.


This is perhaps the most surprising anti-hangover remedy of the list. Dandelion is the surprising solution to a hangover. Dandelion leaves are rich in natural potassium. Potassium flushes toxins from your system, helping you fight the hangover.


Mint is another (indispensable) cure for your hangover. This aromatic plant works to counteract the harmful effects of alcohol on the body. With mint you say goodbye to nausea and enjoy normal digestion again. In addition, this anti-hangover remedy naturally gives energy and improves concentration. Did you know that our Wild At Heart contains t mint? Say goodbye to your hangover with this smoothie.

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