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3 Trending Online Workouts You Don't Want To Miss

3 Trending Online Work-outs Die Je Niet Wilt Missen
3 Trending Online Workouts You Don't Want To Miss

3 Trending Online Workouts You Don't Want To Miss

The new year has been around for a while now, and you're probably still on track to hit your summer fitness goals. But are you tired of your daily workout, and are you ever ready for something different? Good news, because every new year comes with a new wave of trending fitness fads. This year's? Jump rope workout, online pilates classes and The Sculpt Society. Are you curious about these trends and can't wait to try them out? We will tell you more about these 3 trending online workouts of the moment, so that you feel completely fit for the summer!


Jumping rope workouts are all the rage, especially through an online class. From beginners to advanced, there are plenty of online workouts if you want to get into jumping. Did you know that jumping rope is already very effective from 10 minutes a day? This killer workout is perfect if you want to lose weight and get toned, but don't underestimate the workout because jumping rope workouts always involve high intensity. After all, this is the fastest way to get rid of those extra calories. After taking an online rope class you will get a boost of energy.

Little time? No problem!

Do you have a busy schedule every week, and are you not sure how to add an (extra) workout to your schedule? Then a jumping rope workout is really something for you. An online workout for beginners is often only 10 minutes, and super effective. In addition, it does not matter whether or not you are a pro; everyone makes mistakes. As long as you keep going and keep the intensity as high as possible. We are sure that you will see results in no time.


Pilates, everyone has heard of it. A relaxation class that can be quite intensive at the same time. During online pilates classes you train your posture, stability and coordination. You also focus on your breathing, body and mind. By strengthening and stretching your muscles you not only get a strong body, but also a very flexible body. It is a popular class that is easy to follow from home. Ideal if you don't want to go to the gym and just want to stay at home.


The Sculpt Society is a great dance cardio workout that will get you in great shape in no time. The workouts are designed to empower women through movement. The advantage of The Sculpt Society? Stream the online workouts from anywhere in the world. Whether you are at home, traveling or at the gym, the online workouts are available everywhere. The goal of the workouts is to make women feel confident and strong in their own body. They are fun and effective workouts for both beginners and advanced that will make you feel fit within an hour.


If you don't provide a good post-workout, or a drink or snack with the necessary nutrients for muscle recovery, you can walk around with muscle pain for days. A lack of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants can also cause injuries. As a result, your sports performance deteriorates, you miss training sessions or you have a lot of problems with your muscles in daily life. Fortunately, you don't have to make your own nutritious post-workout drinks, but you can take advantage of our ready-to-use Burning Rescue shot . All the benefits of this sophisticated combination for after your workout can be found here . You can also opt for the Veggie Cappuccino , which is full of vitamin C and iron.

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