Not just another juice: The cold pressed Juices of SuperfoodGuru in ten unique flavours

Our mission is to deliver as much PlantBased nutrition as we possibly can to expand people’s diet from processed foods to more fresh natural foods.

"Delivering healthy and delicious juices of the best ingredients in exclusive flavors to businesses and individuals, that's what Superfoodguru has in mind." Superfoodguru uses only organic and raw products.

No HPP: Why extending a product’s shelf life is out of date

Superfoodguru wants to deliver a real fresh product and does not use High Pressure Processing (HPP), a preservation technique for foods to keep a product under high pressure for a long time. Other cold press juice or food companies often make use of this technique, and the product can have a shelf life between two weeks and 30 days or more.

Enzymes and micro-organisms are inactivated under high pressure, thereby denaturing the proteins and thus the enzymes, among other things. Enzymes optimize the natural cleansing process and digestion in the body. When you eat raw vegetables instead of cooking them first, all these valuable enzymes are retained. They can help our body in cleansing and optimal digestion.

Creativity and quality

Founder Jojanneke Leistra, who has a passion for sport and healthy eating, is following a study of Natural Nutrition Advisor and has a background in management. After graduating she studied at the art academy in The Hague. “Throughout the years I was reading books about PlantBased health and I started making my own juices with a slowjuicer. I followed several Juice Detoxes, which I made myself. I discovered it was a hell of a job to buy all the groceries, searching for recipes and making two litres of juice everyday for this detox and cleaning the Juicer :-). This is how I came up with the idea to deliver the Juice recipes and fresh ingredients in boxes to peoples houses. Eventually learning from their feedback that it’s all about convenience, so I started to produce these recipes and deliver ready-to-drink cold pressed juices.

"I use creativity and my interests in PlantBased Nutrition to think of new juices for Superfoodguru." Flavour, quality and originality are of paramount importance, and we are constantly working on optimizing the collection of flavors and products we produce for everyone to enjoy healthy juices.

Our juices are made with a hydraulic press: we press cold without any degree of heating. By heating, such as a juice centrifuge, for example, you get oxidation, which causes a loss of vitamins, other nutrients and taste. By pressing completely cold we prevent that. In addition, we keep far from aggressive treatments like pasteurization and pascalization.

Detox at your doorstep

The juices can be ordered online, or by a subscription, but also as a special detox cure. Detoxes can be three, five or seven days of drinking six bottles a day, accomponied by cleansing fresh lemon and ginger tea. This allows your body to release poisons, so-called toxins. The primary purpose is to lose toxins and plaque, but an additional advantage is that you lose weight. Jojanneke explains: “many people also experience a sense of cleansing mentally”.

Wild At Heart

The juices are made from unique combinations of vegetables, fruits and fresh herbs. An example of ingredients: fennel, beet, spinach, sweet potato, ginger and turmeric but also apple, banana and orange. On the bottles, names like 'Burning Man', 'Wild at Heart', ‘Orange Is The New Black’ and 'Pineapple Paradiso’. Jojanneke: 'The flavors are the result of many experiments based on existing recipes we have adapted but also of pure coincidence. By mixing with the products I had left, the tastiest flavors arose. However, I am looking forward to optimizing the health aspects of each juice. For example, the functioning of turmeric is greatly enhanced by black pepper.'

Superfoodguru presses the juices on order, which can be kept fresh for 5 days when cooled in a refrigerator. This ensures that a Juice of Superfoodguru is the best and healthiest that you can drink. "That makes our juices interesting for a wide audience and not just for foodies or health freaks."

Delivery on order

Superfoodguru supplies to many companies and individuals by refrigerated transport. You can get your detox freshly delivered at home or at the office. Superfoodguru delivers in the region of The Hague, Rotterdam and Amsterdam. Those who prefer to pick up the juices can get them at pick-up points at restaurants, yoga schools & gyms, retail and food shops.


When we say raw food we mean PlantBased foods that has not been heated above 42 degrees Celsius. Components of a raw food diet are: all vegetables, fruits, dried fruits, nuts, seeds, wild plants, seaweed, algae, superfoods, germinated seeds, sprouted grains and sprouted legumes.

“You do not have to eat 100% raw, but can integrate it into your eating habits, starting with for example 60% raw and 40% cooked plant-based food. Plants are purely nutritious, giving you all the energy you need for the activities of your life: movement, growth, recovery, healing and more”.